Factors To Look Into When Coming Up With The Size Of A Book Cover


A book will definitely have a book cover once it has finished being published. The book cover will be of a given size depending on several factors. The size of the book cover should resonate with the contents of the cover page. Actively work with your publisher so as to attain the desired results. This article has been specially designed to offer you the best tips that you should consider when you are deciding on the size of the book cover of your book.

You should ensure that your book cover size is in line with the set industry standards that are up for consideration. You should note that the standard book size is six inches wide by nine inches long. Due to this the book cover should resonate with this size of the book as the standard has set. This will help in ensuring that the size of the book and the book cover size do not have a mismatch in size. Failure to follow the set standard may make your book look too ugly and not attractive to the reader’s eye. However, there are smaller books that are smaller than the set standard of books.

The contents of the cover page should be highly considered and evaluated. This is so because all book covers will not have the same contents. Due to the difference in the contents of cover pages then caution should be taken so as not to make the book cover size be too big nor be too small. Book cover pages with so many contents will require having large book cover sizes, while book covers with very few contents will be required to have small book cover sizes. If this is followed then your book will be very attractive to the human eye. This will increase your sales and in turn increase your revenues. Click here for more info on book covers.

The printing method that you intend to use when coming up with your cover page is a very important consideration. In the printing industry, very many printing methods do exist. As a result, different printing methods will have their own set of rules that are followed. Therefore, the size of the cover page should be in line with the guidelines of the printing method that you intend to use in printing the cover page of your published book. Failure to adhere to the set rules will lead to poor unfavorable outcomes. Read more on this page: https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_cover.


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